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When Tragedy Strikes – How to Begin to Understand

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Today has been a tragic day.

My grandfather passed away in his sleep last night and though he had a very long life I have carried the grief of his passing all day.  Memories of years past have flashed through my mind and my heart is heavy with prayers pleading that he is now in the arms of Jesus.

Dear Mom Who Feels Like She is Miserably Failing, I’ve Been There.

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Dear Mom who feels like she is miserably failing,

I’ve been there.

Oh mama, you are not alone.  Do you sometimes feel like you have miserably failed as a mama and your baby hasn’t even left for college yet? There are times that my heart aches so badly because I feel like I have already lost my patience with my little guy one too many times.  At times I honestly find myself wondering if he struggles with this or that because I have reacted poorly to many of his tantrums and struggles.  As I have continued to feel this way I have been searching for truth to combat my negative thinking, after all I really am trying to do the best that I can.

I have realized during the past months and weeks that I have to give myself the same grace that God gives me.  I know that sometimes it isn’t easy to do. You might feel the same pressure that I do. The pressure to be the perfect mom, the one who doesn’t mess up the lives of her children.  You want to be a mom like the one you read about on all the blogs.  You know the one I am talking about, the one who has all the answers, who always reacts perfectly, who always knows exactly how to discipline, and who has children who always behave just as they ought.