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Tossing the Shampoo – Going “no-poo” for Good

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I can now honestly say that I have not washed my hair since October 9th.  Yep, you read that sentence right, it has been three months since I decided to jump on the “no-poo” train. October 9th is the same day sweet Piper girl had her surgery and it was also the day that I decided that if I was going to be in the hospital for a week anyway I wouldn’t care if my hair was a little greasy.

Do you want to know what inspired this drastic change?  I have been struggling with dry scalp for most of my life.  My head itches on a regular basis and I have to change the type of shampoo that I am using ALL the time.  And, most the time my frugal self can’t stand to buy a new bottle of shampoo before the old bottle is finished s0 I get obsessed with seeing the bottle to the bottom.  Sometimes, I toss the bottle under the sink to wait until later, but then I have so many bottles under the sink waiting for that day when I pull them back out again and hope that they won’t irritate my scalp it seems a little ridiculous.


Backyard Nutrition: Parsley Herb and Root

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The use of parsley is popular among cooks, but it is also popular among herbalist for its vast nutritional value. The Latin name for Parsley root and herb is Petroselinum crispum.  For more than 2,000 years parsley has been used for digestive disorders, malnourishment, kidney and liver problems, menstrual irregularities, and for blood purification.  Amazingly this common herb is rich in anti-oxidants, contains minerals, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, iron, calcium, folic acid, manganese, B-vitamins, A, C, E, and K.

Backyard Nutrition: Dandelion Herb and Root

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It is amazing to me that something so common and often known as a “weed” can also contain so much nutrition. God knew what he was doing when he provided plants for both people and animals to enjoy. Just because eating Dandelion herb and root may not be popular in the United States to consume it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be enjoyed in order to strengthen the terrain of all who decide to enjoy its robust properties.

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Huge Healthy Living ebook Sale! 5 Days Only!

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For 5 days only, 27 prominent Healthy Living authors have joined together to bundle 34 of their most popular eBooks, valued at just over $300, for the incredibly low price of $29.

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How to Use Facebook to Save Money on Healthy Food

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Did you know that you can save money on healthy food just by connecting with others on facebook?  It wasn’t so long ago that I was trying to save money by couponing.   Unfortunately, most of the time products that can be purchased with a coupon or that can be found practically free contain fillers, sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.  The truth is that most of those things are junk food.     I believe that it is true when it comes to food most of the time you really do get what you pay for.  I also believe that you really are what you eat.  So if you want to be healthy it is important to find healthy food to eat.

Even though I don’t spend much time searching for coupons anymore and I do try to leave plenty of room in the budget to pay for food.  I believe that feeding my family a nourishing diet will keep us out of the doctors office later. But, the Webb family is still on a budget and quite a strict one actually.  And, even though I allow myself for wiggle room to pay for nourishing food I am always looking for ways to save on food that really feeds us.  We want to be wise with the money that God gives us and we do not have unlimited resources to spend money as we please even on food.

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Homemade Herbal Sore Throat Lozenge Recipe

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It is that itchy, scratchy, yucky throat time of year again.  That means it is a great time to make this homemade herbal sore throat lozenge recipe. Some falls we seem to say pretty healthy around the Webb household, but this year it seems as though we have already had our share of colds.  Maybe because I have become germ-o-phobe freak since Piper had to have surgery.  I’m usually ok with germs, I figure they are a part of life and are building our immune systems but Piper having a surgery just kind of made me freak out a little bit.  But, germ-o-phobe or not it is always good to have some homemade herbal sore throat lozenges on hand.  These lozenges will help keep you healthy, have a minimal sore throat, are very easy to make, and store well.