Adrenal Cocktail Benefits and Recipe

Adrenal Cocktail

HomeAboutGiving BackConnectBlog Adrenal Cocktail Benefits and Recipes Written by Becky J. Webb Adrenal Cocktail Benefits I added the adrenal cocktail into my diet several months ago.  At the time, I wasn’t aware of its fantastic benefits.  I was in the process of deepening my knowledge of mineral balance in order to serve my clients and…

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Your Baggage Isn’t Your Identity

Mental Health

HomeAboutGiving BackConnectBlog Your Baggage Isn’t Your Identiy Written by Becky J. Webb I was reading my favorite Bob Goff Devotional this morning… I was reading my favorite Bob Goff devotional this morning where he gave the illustration of a backpack.  If you dumped out everything that you carry in the back pack of your life…

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3 Things You Can Do Now to Start Healing Your Body

HomeAboutGiving BackConnectBlog 3 Things You Can Do To Start Healing Written by Becky J. Webb Now, that we understand the difference between the germ theory and the cellular theory also known as the terrain theory, let’s talk about 3 things we can start to heal your terrain, take your health back, fuel your cells, and…

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A Tale of Two Theories

HomeAboutGiving BackConnectBlog The Tale Of Two Theories Written by Becky J. Webb The way that you conceptualize your health can either empower you with freedom, or it can steal your freedom from you. And, even though many would allow you to believe so, there is not just one health paradigm! The good news is that…

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