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Hi!  Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  I just love it that you found me.

  This is me, Becky Webb.

I’m a lover of Jesus, Wife, and Mom of three children 4 and under. My family and I make our home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  If you have never had a chance to visit you should, the views are breathtaking.

I’ve got to be honest, most days this is what my brain feels like…

But, even though my brain often feels like mush I really love learning new things and this is my little corner of the universe where I try to make sense of it all and share it with the world.  I have always loved expressing myself through writing.

As a former Campus Crusade for Christ staff member, I have spent countless hours chatting with people around the world about where they are on their faith journey.  I do believe that we are all on some sort of faith journey, and only God knows our hearts as well as exactly where we are on that individual journey.  I have spoken to individuals and groups big and small about who God is and I will never turn down a good conversation.  I do believe that Jesus is God’s only son who was sent to earth to die in order to pay the penalty that we would have otherwise paid for our sins.  In order to accept this great gift we must ask Jesus to be in the drivers seat of our lives since His plan is WAY better than ours.  This is a messy process after all, no one is perfect, but there is beauty in it.

I am a childbirth doula,  a family herbalist student, and a health nut that only eats real food.  I’m trying to figure out if we have it in the budget to move the whole family to the GAPS diet.  I’d really like to camp out there for awhile and heal our guts.  I’ve decided that it is not worth it to give up bacon, and I’ve also decided that lots of pastured butter and coconut oil make a good meal.  I find myself agreeing with the non-mainstream research of the Weston A. Price foundation and eating a Paleo diet. I do cheat from time to time, but I grew up on Chicken McNuggets and Pizza Hut so sometimes it is difficult to make long time habits die hard.  I aspire to be a Wild Foodie like Blue Ridge local Holly Drake.  I started my heath food journey as an unvaccinated teen who is also a daughter of a Chiropractor. I then married a husband with Hypthyroidism and a health train wreck of a family.  It only put fuel to the health fire.  I love studying health, and hope to get more training as a holistic health coach someday soon.

Our family has always been on a tight budget and we are big fans of Dave Ramsey.  I am always trying to find ways to save money, so you will find lots of those here. I hope to continue to increase our giving budget, it seems to have only shrank since we have added more children to our family.

I claim to be an aspiring photographer.  One day when I’m good enough I would love to offer photos in a package to my doula clients.

This year my daughter Piper has undergone surgery for Cranialsynotosis.  I kind of loss my breath from time to time just thinking about it.  It is a syndrome where a child is born with some of the sutures in their precious little head fused together.  This can cause lots of developmental and eyesight problems if not correct.

Wow, life really does seem like a mess sometimes.  But, I am determined that through all of life’s messes, both big and small that there is beauty in them. I believe that with all my heart that God will show his glory and reveal the beauty in all the hard times to all who will hear.

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