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Restore Your Vitality, Feel Younger and More Vibrant In Just 14 Days!

Do you ever feel like you’re running on empty?

Like you’re going nowhere fast, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to move forward?

You’re doing your best to take care of your family, your job, and all the other demands of your life, but you can barely hang on?

You’re feeling the effects of the stress you’re under and it’s taking a toll on your whole being?

Maybe you’ve noticed that you don’t
have the energy you used to?

You’re ready to do whatever it takes to make things better, but you don’t know where to start?

You’re getting sick more often.

Your libido is non-existent.

You’re irritable and anxious.

You’re having irregular periods.

You can’t focus and your sleep is restless.

Trust me, you’re not alone!

I know, because not too long ago, I was right there…


Tired of life.

Tired of searching for answers.

Tired of just about everything.


I was so tired, that I was (quite honestly) tired of being tired (if that’s even possible?

‘Tired’ was quite literally destroying my life, my kid’s life, my relationship with my husband, the list goes on…

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“Is this really how people are supposed to live?”, I thought.

“It just can’t be. I mean… Come on!”

What frustrated me most, was that I wasn’t always like this.

To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t new to ‘tired’, but it was very new to me.

Let me explain…

At 27, I got married to the love of my life.

He was on medication for a thyroid problem. At the time, I knew about as much about thyroid issues as I knew about quantum physics… which was very little (ok, actually it was nothing at all!) 

A couple months before our honeymoon, he stopped taking his medication, due to heart palpitations. (Looking back, it was certainly the right thing to do.)


To say our honeymoon was “a disaster”, is an understatement. 

While I wanted to go out dancing every night… He wanted to sleep.

A lot. 

I spent my honeymoon nights alone, sad and upset, wondering if I’d done something wrong, and who this person was that I had married.

“Damn you ‘tired’!”

Fast forward a few years and 3 kids later…

As you may already know, having 3 kids all within a 4 year span can only be described as ‘completely exhausting…’

I was drowning. 

Then, seemingly out of nowhere…

We saw some changes in my oldest. He’s lacking energy… and tired most of the time.

“Certainly not like any 10 year old I’ve ever seen. He should be bouncing off the walls.” 

We made the decision to take him to the doctor.

Tests, specialists, more tests…

It’s not too long before I’m staring at my 10 year old son in the ICU having a doctor explain to me that he suffers from an “adrenal fatigue autoimmune condition called Addison's Disease”.

“Are you kidding me?”

I could feel my insides start to boil. 

Now, ‘tired’ has decided to come after my kids!?

“No way! That’s the final straw.” 

Enough is enough.

I’d had enough of ‘tired’ ruling over me and my family’s life.


I decided to dedicate my very limited time and resources to putting an end to ‘tired’ once and for all.

I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late. You can take back control of your life and start feeling like yourself again. 

It is 100% possible to reclaim your energy and passion for life!

I’ve done it and so have each and every one of my clients.

Introducing my 14-Day Rediscover Your Vitality Challenge.

The 14-Day Rediscover Your Vitality Challenge is a comprehensive, holistic program based on my 3 Buckets of Stress Method, that will rejuvenate you through nutrition, stress management, and mindfulness techniques. 

It’s designed to give you solid results and begin a conscious journey into feeling younger and more vibrant than you have in years.

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It’s specifically designed for busy moms like you who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted…

Don’t worry, I made it as easy as possible for you.

This 14 day program is designed to help you reset your whole being. 

We focus on nutrition, stress management, and mindfulness techniques. You’ll learn how to nourish your body with healthy foods, and manage stress in a healthy way. You’ll also learn how to practice mindfulness and be more present in your life.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a better understanding of how your body, mind, and spirit work together in harmony. You’ll also have new skills and techniques to help you manage stress, get better sleep, and boost your energy and mood.

You’ll feel like you’re subtracting years from your life.

Join the 14-Day Rediscover Your Vitality Challenge

Here’s What My Clients Experience…

What Are They Saying About The 'Rediscover Your Vitality Challenge'?

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By the end of the 14 Day program, you’ll have a better understanding of how stress affects your body, mind and spirit. you’ll find yourself:

Feeling more energized day in and day out.

Being more conscious of both your physical and mental stress and having the skills and techniques to help you manage that stress in a healthy way.

Sleeping better.

Less moody and anxious.

So, if you’re ready to take back control of your life and start feeling like yourself again, the 14-Day Rediscover Your Vitality Challenge is for you.

Why am I basically giving this transformational experience away?
Since the challenge happens online, from any device, within your email inbox, one day at a time, over 14 days… from the comfort of your own life.
I can reach more people in less time.
So no, it’s not $2,000 or $1,200.
Nor is it $397, which is what many other coaches charge for similar “online challenges”.
Most of the people who sign up for those will only login 3 or 4 times before dropping the ball and forgetting all about it.
I know we have to do better.
After all, this whole program is about getting as many struggling moms to step away from “normally feeling tired”, back to feeling just “normal” again.
So, I’ve chosen to not make this about finances at all.
It’s all about positive transformation.
For you and anyone else who decides to go through this experience.

That said, I’d be cheating you by making it completely free…

We need something to drive you and moving toward your goals…
“More energy, less anxiety, better mood, better sleep and a LOT LESS TIRED.”
So, I put on my thinking cap...
Me: “How can I get everyone that joins to the finish line in order to experience the enormous benefits of this program?”
Well, I came up with a novel idea…
Me: “What if… instead of charging for the program, I took a deposit? They finish, they get their deposit back?”
That’s it!
Me: “I guess my head is more than just a hat rack!?” 😂
So, here’s what I’m thinking…
A simple $95 deposit.
You give me a small $95 deposit and I’ll give it back to you when you finish the challenge 🤯
Yep, I’m very serious.
All you have to do is open an email every day for 14-days, do a few small tasks, and you get your deposit back after seeing all the benefits.
That’s way better than any Money Back Guarantee!
Getting your money back becomes your ulterior motive.
In other words…

You complete the challenge and it's 100% free.

If you enjoyed the challenge and you experienced a positive transformation, you can choose to leave your deposit as a tip, or put it toward continuing your journey.

Sounds crazy right?
Well, the way I see it, you've probably bought and tried a hundred things that haven’t worked for you.
So let’s not have you purchase anything right now.
Let me just prove to you that my method works and that you’ll begin to see results after just 14 days.
Put down a $95 deposit, I’ll hold it for you until you’re done.
You might be thinking…
“You’re just going to flunk me out to keep my deposit”
That’s not the way it works.
If you opened the emails each day, watched the videos and did the simple tasks as asked? You’ll get to the finish line and get your $95 back.
But, keep in mind…
I’ll know if you haven’t held up to your half of the bargain.
Don’t join up unless you intend on completing all 14 days.


Let's Get You Started!

Fill out your billing information below to leave your deposit. Remember, if you complete all 14 days... I'll refund your deposit.


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