"Have you ever wondered ... what you were here on this earth for?"

"Have you ever felt like there is more to life than the day to day grind?" 


I fully believe that we are called to dream big dreams so big that they may feel like they couldn’t be accomplished unless I lived for 2-3 lifetimes. I call these “God sized” dreams.  These are dreams that can’t be accomplished unless God brings opportunities into my life in order for them to be accomplished.

And, that is where 

my mission began...

Rewind a couple of years ago, we started working closely with an organization called Wine to Water. https://www.winetowater.org

Wine to Water is an incredible organization that brings clean water to the people of the world who desperately need it.  

Although many of us don’t realize the need for clean water, because we aren’t ever without it, it is estimated that 11% (790 million people) of the world lacks access to clean water and 25% (1.8 billion people) lack access to adequate sanitation. - CDC.gov https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/global/wash_statistics.html

There is a great need for humanitarian aid to provide this basic need and restore human dignity to these people. 


Clean water is a foundational need for all people to experience vitality and health to live out their purpose in the world.


Having clean water can reduce a need for medical care. 


It can give children that otherwise would have to walk for miles to gather clean water for their families a chance to attend school and change their future for generations.


Clean water can help communities have clean and adequate irrigation for thriving farms.

Ultimately we believe it is the right of everyone to have this basic human need met.  Once it gets met, we’ve seen villages transformed and families' lives changed forever.

My mission is for all the people of Nepal

to have the clean water they need to thrive and be transformed

in partnership with Wine to Water.


This isn’t something that I can accomplish on my own so I invite you to join with me. 

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