Your Baggage Isn't Your Identiy

Written by Becky J. Webb


I was reading my favorite Bob Goff Devotional this morning...

I was reading my favorite Bob Goff devotional this morning where he gave the illustration of a backpack.  If you dumped out everything that you carry in the back pack of your life on a daily basis, what could you leave behind?

I noticed that his devotional was talking about material things, jobs, relationships, houses, things in your life where you might try to keep up with the Jones'.  And, he was asking, what could you leave behind to be able to truly follow Jesus?

Now, if you don't consider yourself faith based, Jesus may or many not blow up your life and call you to give up all the things, so don't let that derail you.  That's religion, and religion is not the point here.

The question becomes, do those things make you who you are, or are they just tying you down from who you are supposed to be?


I went a bit further...

I went a bit further then Bob to think about this baggage we carry in terms of who we begin to tell ourselves we are.  We often look at what has happened in our lives and tell ourselves "that is who I am."

But that got me thinking, how much of our identity is wrapped up in the emotional baggage we carry around - every single day? Or wrapped up in what we've accomplished?

And, when we dump out the contents of our lives from our backpack, can we not bear to think of getting rid of that baggage because that is who we think we are - we think we can't live without this part of us?

And, what of those things that we think about ourselves that come from our past experiences don't really make up who we really are?  What if choices we made either bad or good, things that trigger us, or even people that love us aren't at all who we are?

Our mental, physical, and emotional health is greatly influenced by who we think we are.  Our perception of who we are began to take shape when we were very young.  But, what if all those experiences we have always used to figure out who we are is missing it altogehter?

What if who we are never changes...

What if who we are actually never changes?

If who we are never changes, wouldn't it be easier to let go of the things that we think define us?

What if we are always...

worthy of unconditional love

blessed by God

A New Creation when we accept this from the Lord

completely forgiven for anything and everything we have ever done wrong to hurt others or ourselves

filled by the spirit of God


God's masterpiece

Set Free







free from darkness


heir of God

reconciled to God

uniquely gifted

What if those things, are who we actually are and what we do with those things is only an overflow of who we are?

What in your life could you dump out of your backpack and leave behind?


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