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Burnout Assessment

Burnout Assessment Quiz

Each question is ranked 1-10 (10 being the highest). Please be sure to answer honestly to get the best results.

Burnout Assessment Quiz

Question 1 of 22.

Have you been feeling physically exhausted?

Question 2 of 22.

Do you often feel emotionally drained?

Question 3 of 22.

Have you experienced trouble sleeping?

Question 4 of 22.

Are you losing interest in activities you used to enjoy?

Question 5 of 22.

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities?

Question 6 of 22.

Have you noticed a decline in your performance at work or in daily tasks?

Question 7 of 22.

Are you having difficulty concentrating or making decisions?

Question 8 of 22.

Do you feel irritable or easily frustrated?

Question 9 of 22.

Have you been neglecting your self-care and personal needs?

Question 10 of 22.

Are you experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety?

Question 11 of 22.

Do you frequently experience headaches or other physical symptoms of stress?

Question 12 of 22.

Have you withdrawn from social interactions or relationships?

Question 13 of 22.

Are you finding it challenging to set boundaries with work or personal commitments?

Question 14 of 22.

Do you have persistent feelings of hopelessness or cynicism?

Question 15 of 22.

Are you neglecting your nutrition and exercise routines?

Question 16 of 22.

Have you been taking on more tasks than you can handle?

Question 17 of 22.

Do you have trouble disconnecting from work or technology?

Question 18 of 22.

Have you been experiencing a loss of faith or spirituality?

Question 19 of 22.

Do you feel disconnected from your body and its needs?

Question 20 of 22.

Are you interested in learning practical strategies to boost your energy and reduce stress?

1. Yes, I'd love to!
2. No thanks, I'll figure this out on my own.
Question 21 of 22.

Have you ever sought professional help for issues related to anxiety or overwhelm?

1. Yes
2. No
Question 22 of 22.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life?

1. Yes, please send help!
2. No thanks.

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Burnout Assessment Quiz

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