3 Things You Can Do To Start Healing

Written by Becky J. Webb

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Now, that we understand the difference between the germ theory and the cellular theory also known as the terrain theory, let’s talk about 3 things we can start to heal your terrain, take your health back, fuel your cells, and give you the physical health that you are intended to have. 

This will be your basic start button to get your health back on track.  Some individuals may need to dig deeper, but the easiest start to your health journey starts right now and costs nothing.


  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily and ADD SALT!  Ounce per ounce more if you drink lots of coffee or teas that are diuretics. 

Don't jump on the gallon or more of water a day band wagon.  75% of Americans are dehydrated, and it is pretty easy to get busy and not drink enough water, but MANY Americans do drink a lot of water and still are not absorbing any of it.

So it is SUPER important to ADD high quality salt to you water so that you absorb it and get the minerals in your body that it needs to thrive!

What salts do I recommend?

Redmond's Real Salt

Celtic Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt (Make sure you buy from a reputable brand, this one can get adulterated often)

Crucial Four Salt  


        2. Kick those toxins out of your home...

We live in a very toxic society.  Man made chemicals have disrupted and over burdened our body systems in so many ways that our liver and other detoxifications systems struggle to purge it all.  Our soils are depleted so we are missing the minerals needed to continue to remove unwanted toxins to the body and just about every product on the store shelves wreaks of man made toxic chemicals that is hard on our body. 

In the United States we have many toxins available to put in our products that aren’t allowed in the rest of the world making us likely more toxin than most. We are in desperate need of clean, plant based products with plant based components. Plant based products formulated properly can give a deeper, better clean than most things on the market and not burden your endocrine system. 

But there are so many green washed products on the market that aren't free of toxins but marketed as such. My favorite cleaning products are by far Young Living Thieves cleaning products.  They are ALL plant based and pack a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning your home.


Click here for my favorite products to detoxify your home with Thieves Household cleaner, Thieves hand soap, thieves mouthwash, thieves spray, thieves toothpaste, thieves essential oil, and thieves hand sanitizer.  Plus, get access to my wellness education group with over 6,000 members for FREE with your purchase!


3. Reduce Stress


When we encounter stress our brain fills our body with the chemicals adrenaline and cortisol. These chemicals increase the heart rate, dilate the blood vessels, and release glucose into the bloodstream.  The stress response allows your body to fight or flee in the event that you need to do so, but most people live in this fight or flee and dominate part of the nervous system all the time which can cause a lot of problems.

Reducing stress and letting stress work for you and not against you should be one of your first steps to taking your health to the next level.  You want your body to remain in a rest and repair state when you aren't fighting or feeling so it can heal. 

Sometimes getting out of that stressed state can be difficult, but I can help!



Click the button below to grab my free download on 30 Ways to Shift Stress so that you can get support reduce the stress in your life and begin to heal. 




Grab my free download on 30 Ways to Shift Stress so that you can easily reduce the stress in your life and begin to heal.

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